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Website Basics

Basic Technical Web Analytics

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The website doesn´t use frames

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Technical Server Evaluation Data

Hosting speed

0.77 seconds

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Flag Canada


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2 milliseconds

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Search Engines

On-Page Optimization

Criteria and recommendations for web positioning related to page content

Domain name


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Code/Text Ratio

1.65 %

Off-Page Optimization

External factors and recommendations that may influence Search Engine rankings of Roselip-fetish.com

Google Backlinks score


Google scores 3 inbound links for Roselip-fetish.com.

The best way to get our site listed prominently in search engines is to get other websites to link you.

Alexa Backlinks


Acording to Alexa, a total number of 69 sites are linking to Roselip-fetish.com.

Indexed pages by Google


Roselip-fetish.com has a total of 232 pages indexed by Google.

Mentions on Google


Popularity on Google: 14.700 pages mention the domain Roselip-fetish.com.

Traffic from Search engines Alexa

10.9 %

According to Alexa, 10.9% of the website traffic derives directly from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Social Networks

Roselip-fetish.com: Activity on Facebook

Facebook popularity and mentions

Facebook results by Google


Roselip-fetish.com in the blogsphere

Blogs popularity and mentions

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Traffic overview

Visitors, users and page views statistics for Roselip-fetish.com

Visitas totales / mes

Range: 1.000.000 - 2.000.000

Precise estimates of visitors during the month of November 2014 is 1.200.000.

Unique users

Range: 740.000 - 750.000

Unique users during the month of November 2014: 744.797.

Page views

Range: 4.000.000 - 5.000.000

The estimate of page views during the month of November 2014 is 4.560.000.

Pages / users

3.8 page views per user

Time on site

2:20 minutes

Traffic by Country

Visitor statistics by country of origin

CountryPercentajeVisitors per monthAlexa web traffic ranking 
Flag: JapanJapan 98.3 % 1.179.600 4188

Alexa site info

Visitors and traffic statistics provided by Alexa Internet

3 months rankings


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Roselip-fetish.com is among the 100,000 top websites of the world by traffic.

Last month rankings


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Roselip-fetish.com´s last month average ranking by web traffic.

Roselip-fetish.com has lost 10390 positions during the last 3 months.

Top country


Roselip-fetish.com received most visitors from Japan

Ranking of Japan



0.00235 %

Percentage of visitors from Roselip-fetish.com in relation to all Internet users.

Page views

0.00009 %

Page views of Roselip-fetish.com compared to total Internet page views.

Pages per users


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Bounce Rate

38.4 %

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38.4% of the visitors left the site after consulting the first page.

Average time on site


Historical graphics

Graphics of Roselip-fetish.com provided by Alexa
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