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Website Basics

Basic Technical Web Analytics

Language encoding



XHTML 1.0 Transitional

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Use of frames

The website doesn´t use frames

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Flash tecnology

This domain is using Flash files

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The use of Flash does not guarantee that the whole content of your page Tubululu.com will be indexed correctly by the search engines.

SIFR or SWFObject are techniques that help to improve the indexing of Flash content by search engines.

Google AdSense

Uses Google Adsense


Technical Server Evaluation Data

Hosting speed

1.29 seconds

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Most search engines index a higher number of pages from faster web sites and thereby improve user experience and navigation.



Flag Texas United States, Texas, Dallas


Evaluation criteria of the domain tubululu.com

Domain name extension


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123 milliseconds

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Search Engines

On-Page Optimization

Criteria and recommendations for web positioning related to page content

Domain name


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Code/Text Ratio

4.39 %

Off-Page Optimization

External factors and recommendations that may influence Search Engine rankings of Tubululu.com

Google PageRank


The PageRank (PR) Tubululu.com is below the average.

PageRank is only a component of Google's search algorithm, but a site with a good pagerank always get good positions in search engines.

Yahoo! Backlinks score (on homepage)


Yahoo! reports a total number of 3 links pointing to the homepage.

Yahoo! Backlinks (to any internal page)


Yahoo! has detected 161 links pointing to any internal page of this website.

Alexa Backlinks


Acording to Alexa, a total number of 10 sites are linking to Tubululu.com.

Indexed pages by Google


Tubululu.com has a total of 52.600 pages indexed by Google.

Indexed pages by Yahoo!


Tubululu.com has a total of 103 pages indexed by Yahoo!

Mentions on Google


Popularity on Google: 3.250 pages mention the domain Tubululu.com.

Mentions on Yahoo!


Yahoo! popularity scores a total number of 289 Internet sites referencing to Tubululu.com.

Traffic from Search engines Alexa

10 %

According to Alexa, 10% of the website traffic derives directly from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Indexed images by Google Images


Tubululu.com has a total of 74 images indexed by Google Images.

Social Networks

Tubululu.com: Activity on Facebook

Facebook popularity and mentions

Facebook results by Google


Tubululu.com: Activity on Twitter

Twitter popularity and mentions

Twitter results according to Google


Tubululu.com in the blogsphere

Blogs popularity and mentions

Mentions in blogs according to Google



Traffic overview

Visitors, users and page views statistics for Tubululu.com

Visitas totales / mes

Range: 300.000 - 400.000

Precise estimates of visitors during the month of November 2014 is 355.001.

Unique users

Range: 300.000 - 310.000

Unique users during the month of November 2014: 305.772.

Page views

Range: 1.000.000 - 2.000.000

The estimate of page views during the month of November 2014 is 1.313.504.

Pages / users

3.7 page views per user

Time on site

5:33 minutes

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Alexa site info

Visitors and traffic statistics provided by Alexa Internet

3 months rankings


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Tubululu.com is among the 100,000 top websites of the world by traffic.

Last month rankings


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Tubululu.com´s last month average ranking by web traffic.

Tubululu.com has gained 393 positions during the last 3 months.


0.00190 %

Percentage of visitors from Tubululu.com in relation to all Internet users.

Page views

0.00006 %

Page views of Tubululu.com compared to total Internet page views.

Pages per users


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Bounce Rate

63 %

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63% of the visitors left the site after consulting the first page.

Average time on site


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Historical graphics

Graphics of Tubululu.com provided by Alexa
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